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How to Write a Novel?

“It’s None of their Business that you have to learn How to write a Novel. Let them think you’re born that way.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

How to write a Novel, Writing a Novel, write novel. writer's guide

Writing a Novel is one Experience, is one feeling; where you are chosen to create a world through your pen and papers with your mind and Imagination.

There been many Articles & Videos on YouTube that claims and guides you like How to write a novel in few weeks. Bullshit!

You cannot & you should not limit the process of writing a Novel in a pan of few weeks. Writing takes time, it takes longer, and longer than you might be expecting. Might be few months, or a Year, also writing a novel can take years to complete. But, It’s an Amazing Journey you will be witnessing.

There been many Great writers with their Best Work which took such long time like many years to write some these Masterpieces –
  • Margaret Mitchell took almost 10 years to write & Publish her Greatest Novel ‘Gone with the Wind’.
  • Alistair MacLeod took 13 years to complete his Great Novel ‘No Great Mischief’.
  • Michael Crichton took around 8 years in researching & Fictionalizing the ‘Jurassic Park’.

So Remove that Misinterpretation from your Mind of How to write a Novel in days or week. Writing isn’t hard, but what you are writing, How you are writing, and how louder your writing speaks matter.

It took years in creating a memorable work. Even after decades & even centuries we still admire and remember the Art in writing of all those great writer who spends their mind & long time in creating the universe, creating the peoples, creating different minds & Philosophies that shapes the universe.

With the question in our mind of How to write a novel? Writing is an Experience, You have to experience, feel and Live word by word whatever you write. Imaging you are watching, In the beginning it started light-heart, by each passing minute, it heads to the important turn & Approach the Conclusion. While Watching, Our moods also reflects with the portion of the movie we watching. We laugh when its funny, We got goosebumps in thriller or horror, We stay curious and thinking throughout while watching Mysteries.

Embrace it, You are watching the every single moment of the movie and you are connected with that storytelling. You have experience the another world, the another life and peoples word by word. So when you write, you have to live the words you are writing and this is how you will shape the universe.

You can witness the great work from your story when you live and experience the universe you are creating with each word heading ahead.

Writing a Novel needs Patience, needs your embrace towards the Plot, Characters & its Philosophy.

Illuminating your journey in how to write a novel, What to follow & what not. The Experiences, the Challenges, the depression, the mind hacks you will face in this amazing journey of writing novel.

How to write a Novel, Writing a Novel, write novel. writer's guide

How to write a Novel – The Journey, Important Step & Experiences


Before you plant the seed of any Idea, You must have to think again about the idea whether you will really stick to this idea, instead of getting distracted to another one. You will experience lot of Inspiration to focus for, But deciding the correct one with which you can relate & connect, and you can do justice with is really important.


So when you are clear on your Idea about the Story, the novel. It is the time to get your brain work for your story. It is the time when you have to work on the characters, Universe building, character’s motivation, the contribution in the idea and the story. When you were searching about How to write a novel; The Idea, the story must be storming in your mind. Research about some needful facts is too very important for your story. Your brain will start connecting all the necessary aspects which will lead to an amazing execution.

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Planning of a Novel, A Story in Advance is really Important. It helps in tracing your focus, your Idea. You should Map out everything before you start writing. But Outlining isn’t everything, It won’t help you in joining all nodes of your stories and characters. Create A Map for your Novel, which is actually the One Flash in your Mind; and then Believe in your Characters and their Philosophies, and Write by the seats of your pants.

Don’t Limit Yourself being an Outliner or a Pantser; Try to be both. While Writing a Novel, This will help you to find yourself more connected with your Characters and your universe, the readers will also connect with the characters you have created and the Situations.


After Getting an Idea, Brainstorming for it, Outlining of your Plot; Here Comes the time when you will enter on the field to perform. Exactly, writing the first draft, writing the first page, writing the first line of your story; this feeling is nothing less than fighting on the battlefield.

Reflecting the world which has bloomed in your mind on the paper is not easy, and we all knew it but Write. Make this as a habit, to sit calmly, when its just you and your typewriter or Laptop or pen-paper; and try meditate and connect the Universe inside your mind to the paper.

It is said to write, because once you start writing all the ideas and universe you have created gets evolved, and it get evolved in a much sensible way. Hence your query about how to write a novel will take a shape of your own experience while writing a novel.


When you are a Creator, When you create the Universe, When you create peoples in that Universe; You need Inspiration. Just Look Around, move around, feel the depth; you will find your Inspiration like anything or everything for your Universe, Your Story.

You will Get Inspired from any Beautiful Place, the memory of yours, any situation you have been gone through, peoples you meet in your daily life, any legend you’ve remembered, any movie or tale, or any character that has inspired you in your journey in Story writing.


After you write your first draft of novel, revisit every page line by line and word by word. You won’t gonna like it, instead you will hate or you will laugh on everything you have written. Editing your draft is must, it will also nourish your own writing skills as you have now created your own experience while writing your book. Remember, Writing a Novel will help You as a self learner, It will also leads in evolving your storytelling in a better and unique way.

Live the Character you’re Creating

You have Created a Character with so many layers, and with an amazing origin story and currently the situation he is in. You have also create different characters around him and all of them are together dealing with a conflict. How All will be reacting, how the Protagonist will react and his point of view. Live that feeling, live that situation and create the better execution of it.

The Protagonist will definitely the closest your heart, no one else can relate or connect with him else than you.

Keep Pushing Keep Going

Exactly, you will experience so many blocks while writing a novel. The time will also come when you will feel let down by yourself, but you don’t have to stop just keep going and keep writing with your heart and you will claim the Victory. The Process of Writing takes place forever, many times it takes years in writing a book. There are many Institutions, or peoples who guides you in ‘How to write a novel in few days or weeks’. That’s the complete bullshit! It should not be followed. There have been some great writers that took years to complete with their masterpiece work.

Keep creating, keep exploring, Keep your Inspired, and create the better and the most beautiful Universe that your Readers can connect with it.

How to write a Novel
The Journey, Important Step & Experiences

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