How to deal with Writer’s Block

Writer's Block, How to deal with Writer's Block, How to overcome Writer's Block

What is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s Block is a syndrome confronted by authors that is best characterized as an immense sense of being trapped in the writing process without the desire to move on and create something fresh. Although, depending on the author, resolving the writer’s block is typically a different task, there are enough resources to support writers all along journey.

How To Deal with Writer’s Block?

You can cure writer’s block with one simple sentence and that is give yourself permission to write garbage. Now, the truth is what you write probably won’t be a garbage but by giving yourself permission you remove the block.

Think about what writer’s block actually is. As the name implies something is blocking your creative flow. Well, as it turns out that something is the need for perfection. The need to be good or to write well or to choose the right idea or story or even words. Presumably, it’s the need to avoid looking stupid. So, to remove the block simply remove that need for perfection.

First, open your file or whatever you’re going to write in. Think about what you wish you could write if you weren’t blocked. Set a timer for three minutes. Give yourself permission to write garbage and then go! In three minutes, write as much as you can. Now, if the words still don’t flow instantly go one step further and make yourself deliberately write garbage. And that’s it. That’s all there is to it. Congratulations you’re writing again you’ve removed the block.

Now, the skeptic in you probably says but I don’t want to write garbage I want to write quality and as you start writing you might even hear a little voice inside your head that says this is awful. That sentence is terrible. Why did you choose that idea? You’re no good at this. Stop now you’re going to look foolish! That voice is the block. That voice is what I call the critic voice and the fact of the matter is you need that voice. It actually has your best interests at heart.

The very last line of defense against appearing stupid is that sound. That doesn’t want you to be criticized by throwing trash out of the planet. The problem is it’s interrupting, it’s jumping in before its turn. It’s trying to criticize something that doesn’t even exist yet and that doesn’t protect you that blocks you.

Writing is a process and getting your idea on the page is only one tiny little part of that whole process. The whole process has four parts. First, you give shape to your idea by turning it into a story or mapping out what you want to say. Second, you get it onto the page. Third, you make sure those words express your idea effectively and then finally, you fine-tune the reader experience.

Writer’s block happens when you blend the parts. So, how do you silence your inner critic? Here’s how. You make a deal with it. Tell it you’ll give it a chance to voice any criticism it has. LATER, before you show it to anyone. Hence, once it knows you’re not being reckless it will go quiet and let your creativity flow but you must give it its chance to be critical afterwards. Because if you send sloppy first draft writing out into the world that critic voice is not going to trust you in the future and the block will return.

Although, give yourself permission to write garbage and then strengthen what you’ve written afterwards. That’s how you cure writer’s block instantly every time. Try it now and let your ideas flow.

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