Who is Linga Bhairavi Devi – The Story & Celebration of Feminine Power

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Who is Linga Bhairavi Devi? There is a legend echoes from the Cosmos which illustrates the force, the energy. It is obvious that the three modules are the fundamental building blocks for Existence. They are in position and in the moment. Devi is not a particle; she is the space that contains the three essential forces of existence. The majority of civilizations on this world have entirely overlooked the feminine. If you look at the two most prominent aspects, you will notice that there is no place for the feminine; it’s all about masculine.

The Significance of Linga Bhairavi Devi – The Feminine

The first term to represent the feminine was truly the word ‘Re’, which was referred to as the fundamental or the mother goddess of life and is the root of the more contemporary word ‘Stree’. They literally mean a woman, and the word’re’ denotes potential, possibility, and vitality. It is also from this term that the word Arya arose. Arya means civilization or culture, and it is metaphorically indicating that when the masculine force is on, there is conquering, but when the feminine is on, there is civilization.

This is a civilization that has immensely honoured the feminine, but it has also been a culture of awful exploitation of the feminine. This culture’s foundation lies in the celebration of the feminine, but the culture has morphed into an exploitation of the feminine in the context of creation.

How the feminine evolved about First and foremost, the tale says that forces harmful to existence rose and began threatening the very existence, which was yet in its earliest stages, so the three main Gods met Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, who represented three separate characteristics.

The Story of Linga Bhairavi – The Feminine Power

In terms of current physical sciences, they are known as proton, neutron, and electron. Today, modern physical sciences clearly understand that the three forces that are the primary building blocks for Existence – proton, neutron, and electron – are Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh in that order. They are in position and in time, and the dynamism in them is solely due to an electrical charge that exists outside of these three forces.

So, without that electrical or electromagnetic charge, these three cannot be dynamic. There is no such thing as creativity without this, the dynamic instant of these three. This is the element of science that this myth is trying to propound in a very dialectical fashion, that these three Gods met, and forces of Destruction emerged, and they didn’t know how to manage it.

They possessed three Stellar traits inside them, but they discovered that these three qualities were insufficient. They recognized that a mix of these three attributes was required. So they all breathed heavily, releasing the best of themselves, and these three forces combined, or this exhalation from these three forces combined and produced the feminine, or the Devi.

The Creation of ‘Devi’

So the tales that we will recount, which constitute the foundation of our culture, are physical knowledge presented in extremely beautiful, dialectical, personified stories for the same underlying principles that cause creation to occur. This power, which we call Devi. Devi is derived from the word ‘Div’. ‘Div’ means space, hence Devi is not a particle, but rather the space that contains the three essential forces of creation.

The force of energy that powers the atom is also the energy that powers the universe. It is the same energy that causes everything in existence to occur, and this energy is always recognised as feminine. We must recognise that this is a celebration of the feminine, not the female.

Because this is about the feminine, not being a woman. Being female is a very corporeal abilities, but being feminine is much more than that. When survival is the primary concern, the masculine will inevitably dominate the entire world. Feminine comes into play only after survival is adequately taken care of. Only until civilizations have successfully navigated the survival phase does the feminine enter the picture.

The Survival in the Civilization

However, a big tragedy is occurring in the globe, and although while survival is fairly well taken care of for at least half of the planet’s populations, they are just pushing their survival goals further. Survival once meant two meals a day, then a Hut, then a home, then a palace, and now it means a Bentley, Mercedes, and everything it is. People’s survival aims are being pushed further and further, making survival increasingly challenging. Many individuals do not regard all of the enhancements to their life as embellishments; they see them as another degree of survival.

The distinct level of survival A completely different degree of social survival, as long as survival is the most essential portion of your existence, naturally masculine will govern. Because of this, economics has become the most essential component of the globe today. It is all about survival in economics. Masculinity will remain relevant as long as economics is the most important factor. Feminine will not be prominent; women may rise, but in doing so, they become more masculine than feminine.

That is a tremendous tragedy for the entire globe. If the feminine was suppressed, it was possible that it might resurface tomorrow. However, if the feminine converts into the masculine, it will be a great tragedy since the rivers will take a very long time to do so. It will take far less time to free the feminine than it will take to reverse the masculine into feminine.

The Masculine & the Feminine forces in the Civilization

We are headed in that direction in the globe right now because economics is the dominant factor. Do you view technology and economics as the two most dominating forces as they grow more powerful? The feminine has no place in this world; it’s all about masculinity. If love, music, art, and all the finer qualities of life are dominating, as equally vital in the world as technology and finances, only then can the feminine serve an equal part.

Otherwise, women will begin to behave like men as well, which is already happening in large numbers. because it is often held that only by acting like a male could you be successful, which is completely untrue. It is a terribly awful belief that has permeated the minds of individuals nowadays that you are only going to be successful if you act like a male. So, if we want to investigate this dimension of the feminine in you, or the dimension of feminine in existence, we must be in a specific manner, otherwise feminine will be lost.

The majority of cultures in our world have entirely overlooked the feminine. They may have a few women who are not very feminine, and there may be flashes of feminine here and there, but no actual femininity. Because most societies emerged from Conquest, there is no feminine happening as a grand celebration, no feminine happening in full force.

Life was always viewed as an invasion, an achievement, never as an embrace. Only in a culture, only in an environment, only inside a human being who views life as diversity, feminine comes in full flow. One who regards life as a conquest will not know the feminine.

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