Spirituality for Beginners – How to start your spiritual journey

Spirituality is acknowledging an emotion, sensation, or belief that there is something beyond myself, that there is more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater total of which we are a part is cosmic or divine in nature.

How to start your spiritual journey, Spirituality for Beginners, Spirituality,

How to start your spiritual journey

Every person has already been on a spiritual path. The desire for more money, power, education, or anything else is also a spiritual activity, but it is often misplaced and unknowingly carried out. What must be done is to grow more cognizant and observant.

Don’t try to get started with Spirituality somewhere; there is nowhere to begin. It all started a long time ago. You’re just trying to grab things up. Your desire to grow has begun. Maybe you’re thinking about more assets, but that’s just your misconception; ultimately, you want to be something more – that’s a spiritual process; albeit a wrong spiritual one.

You desire to be strong, affluent, knowledgeable, adored, and have joy – all of these are spiritual processes that are going in the wrong way. You are unwittingly carrying out a spiritual process. Isn’t it true that if you do something subconsciously, you may fumble at every stage and maybe miss the mark? If someone instruct you to drive home with your eyes closed, you’ll be in a lot of trouble before you even leave the parking lot.

So, instead of attempting to begin anywhere, simply become more cognizant. It will automatically find its path as you become more aware. What does it mean to be cognizant to be aware?

The Inside Awakening towards the Spiritual Growth

You cannot be aware if you attempt to be aware. People frequently confuse mental alertness with awareness. Mental attentiveness will improve your capacity to survive. Mental alertness can help you survive, but it is not the same as awareness. Being aware entails… right now are you here in all your senses.

In any case, awakening occurs in phases. Have you ever noticed that you have varying levels of alertness at different times of the day? As a result, it might be heightened. What is required for survival occurs naturally. Even in survival mode, not everyone is at the same level of alertness.

When you’re driving down the street, not everyone is as vigilant as you are; it’s a survival procedure – driving, but not everyone is as conscious as you are. Therefore, even in a state of survival, not everyone is as aware as they should be, and this may be heightened. If you maintain this level of awareness, you will reach a moment where it is no longer about survival; something that is not necessary for survival will also come to your attention.

When you become aware of that – that which is not required for your life – there is going to be a dimension beyond the physical. So, quite simply, when that enters into your living experience of life, you’re on. During those seven days, we were gradually winding you up in such a way that you were progressively more alert.

You keep up your practice, how your awareness is; you give up, and gradually the voltage drops. When the voltage drops, the light dims. When the light dims, you can see very little. The voltage is so high, the light becomes really brilliant, and you can see everything. This is called awareness. So you don’t focus on your awareness, consciousness, or spiritual progress; instead, you work on your voltage.

You maintain your energies as high as possible, and while your energies are high, you are more likely to become entangled with anything. You take care not to become involved in anything. See, a teenager is considerably more energetic than other individuals, yet he is constantly getting into problems because he has the energy but lacks the steadiness. So, if you do this to keep your energy and stability, the rest will take care of itself. Simply sit back and relax.

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