Chanting Mantra – Science, Significance & Benefits

A mantra is a holy utterance, a multiple tone, a syllable, a collection of words in Sanskrit believed to have divine and mystical. Chanting Mantra is the divine sound without meaning.

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A mantra is a holy utterance, a multiple tone, a syllable, a collection of words in Sanskrit believed to have divine, mystical or supernatural influences in Hinduism by practitioners. There is a technical definition and semantics structure to some mantras, but most do not. The word Mantra emanates from the origin of ‘Man’ and ‘Tra.’ ‘Man’ means the mind and ‘tra’ means to protect.

Chanting Mantra is the divine sound, with no meaning. But a rhythm, that has an energy, that follows the path straight to the Almighty.

Science Behind Chanting Mantras

Before Mantras, We must knew what science has to say regarding how sounds have an impact on our system. Dr. Hans Jenny did experiments and according to his experiments he found out that sound was able to create forms and various substances like water, various liquids and even plastics.

Sound definitely has an impact on the body and even researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, found out that sound can literally change the structure of water molecules. He did research on positive sounds and negative sounds, and how they impact the water molecules. Positive sounds made beautiful crystal structures and the negative ones showed complete opposite effect.

Human body is actually the 70% water. One can imagine the sounds that we heard have an impact on the system. As in our daily life experiences, If someone verbally abuses us we feel certain negative vibration sometimes it’s anger it could be sadness. Positive vibrations mantras are the energy based sounds when we chant them they produce positive physical vibrations in us and that increases the the life force energy. Brahma Muhurta; The time of God!

Chanting Mantras increases the life force energy in us, the special thing about mantras is that they are in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is an ancient language, and have a brief scientific approach. There’s an interesting research done by the China Agricultural University; they found out how mantras have an impact on crop yields. They’ve recorded the grown crops with and without mantras and they found that there was a difference in about 15%. The crop yields increased, the sizes of the grains increased, even the pests reduced.

Chanting mantras were specifically efficient in another study; It was found that mantra repetition lowered the levels of stress. It decreased the blood pressure, decreased the heart rate; increased alpha weight production which led to better sleep and better health.

Benefits of Chanting Mantras

Chanting Mantras will benefit the person in emotional intelligence, decision making abilities, and your mind will be open to learn new things everytime. Even if you do not understand the meanings of the chants it still has an impact on the system. In research It was found out if you’ve heard the chants without really understanding the meanings of the chants, will still have an impact on the body.

Chanting mantras, the subconscious releases positive energy that eliminates negative feelings or tension. Singing mantras is an old ritual that calms the mind and spirit. Mantras are very helpful for concentrating on a desired result. Chanting mantras can help improve your ability to concentrate and focus your mind on a particular Activity.

Mantra is significant for the sound, while Meaning exists only in our psychological space. There really is no interpretation anywhere else in the multiverse unless in the human imagination. But sound does exist even though sound is a reverberation. As well as presently, modern science is interacting about how another matter exists, everyone is resonance, merely reverberating power.

Hence, rhythm is empirical truth, significance is psychological. Existence can be seen as a dynamic agglomeration of sounds, and some of the sounds are vital sounds. Hence, Chanting mantra is significant for its sound. Meaning is a psychological and social thing. Meaning is meaningless really but sound exists. So the psychology of using rhythm to build a certain aura within oneself and surrounding us is what this is all about. Context is composed of us.

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