Brahma Muhurta – The Time of God

Brahma Muhurta; The Morning time between 3:30 to 5:30 being called the Time of God. The Time of Creation. The Time of Almighty.

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Brahma Muhurta; The Morning time between 3:30 to 5:30 being called the Time of God. The Time of Brahma, The time of Almighty, The Creator.

Many problems that human beings are suffering is simply because we have lost that awareness as to how to be in sync with the many forces. Life is an outcome of a couple of different things, we call the universe, a great many things we recognize as existence. So we are a consequence of a certain phenomenal happening that we call as cosmos.

We are not an individual existence. So when We get in sync, certain things will happen. We have lost sync with nature and we think that is our nature. No. The several problems, the several issues that people experience are probably because we have forgotten the sense about how to be in harmony with the many powers that make us who we really are.

Brahma Muhurta – Timings & Significance

Brahma Muhurta is relevant only up to thirty-three degrees latitude, Your system, human system, functions in a certain ways of possibility. So there has been an awareness about making use of this possibility. You will also start waking up sometime after 3:00 AM once you’re in rhythm with existence. At a certain moment, when you sit or do whatever phase you have been introduced for, this will bring full fruit. Something Phenomenal Happens At 3:40 AM In the way the planet is spinning and what is happening, something very fundamental changes somewhere between 3 to 5:40. This is called brahma-muhurta.

Brahma Muhurta Events

So what should be done on this time of God? Shall We Meditate? Shall we do work, or yoga? Doesn’t matter what. We must do a process for which you have been initiated for; because initiation means you are not just taught a practice, it was introduced into your system; it was implanted in your system.

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We Practice yoga to bring that sync so that you are in rhythm with life. You will however start waking up sometime after 3:00 AM if you’re in sync towards existence. If you’re conscious, suddenly a certain spark of aliveness will happen within you. You will rise up, even if you are in a deep sleep. This must happen to you. This means you’re falling in sync with it. You’re falling in sync with life.

So whatever, if there was something within you and you wants to do that, if you’re awake at brahma muhurta and sit for whatever that practice is, it bears maximum consequences, because of the way the planet is behaving in relation to your system. If you become aware in a certain way, a certain level of awareness is achieved within you, you will simply know when the time is.

If you go to bed at the right time,you don’t have to look at your watch. Since the body may behave a certain way, they would always recognize when it will be 3:40. At that time if you sit up and do whatever process you’ve been initiated for, it will bear great consequences. The foundation, the motives will get the necessary support at that time for it to develop more than anything.

This is only for the initiated. If you’re not initiated, then three-forty, six-forty, seven-forty, not so much of a difference. The time of dusk is more important for such people. Which means twenty minutes before sunrise,twenty minutes after sunrise or twenty minutes before sunset and twenty minutes after sunset. The same goes for noon and midnight but they’re of a different nature. So these two twilight’s are better for the uninitiated. For those who’ve been profoundly embraced, Three-Forty is pleasant.

The Creation is Happening ever since, now, and ahead. If you’re also creating yourself with this creation. You will have the support of God, in this God Time of Brahma Muhurta.

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