Ashtavakra & Janaka – A Celebrated Story of Sage & King

A beautiful incidence happened around Ashtavakra while Janaka Maharaj. The Emperor became enlightened, and an enlightened Emperor is wonderful because an enlightened monarch implies many things to the people, and there is no finer blessing.

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Janaka & Ashtavakra Bond

Gurus are notorious for being difficult; just when you think you’ve found your way, they inform you it’s not the case. When Janaka felt he was enlightened and that was the conclusion of it, he was wrong. He have to go back and rule the kingdom because he may not want it. That’s not the issue; the point is that people need an enlightened ruler, therefore whenever Janaka had time, he went to the Ashtavakra hermitage deep in the bush.

Thus Janaka obviously organises regular excursions to the Hermitage since gurus are lonely people and finding enlighten company is difficult, clearly both of them are enjoying a certain harmony And both of them appreciate each other’s company.

The great being Ashtavakra appears to have a weakness for the Emperor; every-time he comes, they speak and laugh together. These folks who have abandoned or believe they have abandoned everything. They are here as sannyasis, but if you leave them with him for five minutes, they won’t know what to do next, so their small bit of resentment is growing up wonderful to work wise, you’re conscious of it you let it build up this. Every buildup is a chance that anything will build up, and only you can do anything if nothing builds up, which means there are dead people around, not living people.

Incident of satsang

If there are living people, something must be built up: joy, love, ecstasy, or at the very least resentment, hatred, or jealousy. anything is accumulating, which suggests we may accomplish anything with them, therefore he let it accumulate till this incident occurred. Janaka also arrived and sat in the satsangh in the back. A soldier burst into the satsang and ran to the Emperor with a loud yell, without even looking at the Guru. He claimed the palace is on fire and that you needed to come immediately away. Janaka shouted, “Get out of here, you dare to enter the satsang without bowing to my guru.” You rush here and yell rubbish; just get out of here.

Ashtavakra keeps on with whatever is going on. Nobody is concerned about Janaka’s palace burning. Of course, they are screaming, but no one is concerned, and this continues. It’s a lap of the master event, you know, till your legs give out. It went on, and one of the boys who was helping around the ashram hurried into the satsangh and said, “A bunch of monkeys are playing with these Brahma tree clothes.”

Many of them stood up and hurried to save the clothing the instant this child mentioned it. What is clothing, merely a piece of cloth? They hurried to save those clothes, then charged away from the monkeys, recovering anything they could and returning. And continue with satsangh, and then he said here is an emperor his castle full of wealth not only in the physical world, but there are people there too, lives, people who are important to him; it’s burning, but he’s worried about disrupting the rhythm of the satsangh.

The one who profess to have given up everything in your life for a piece of cloth, hurry out without even looking at him. To save a piece of cloth, no, but we only have one way of wearing, one is there, and the monkeys steal it away, so we are in a worse predicament than the Emperor. Maybe the Emperor will win again and build another palace. According to one consideration, the question is not about what you have, but about how you utilise it.

The Real Meaning of Kingdom

The one who have a kingdom, you can hold it in a specific way. Kingdom does not always refer to goods, people, or money; for most people, their Kingdom is their own body and mind. If you hold it one way, you will bleed with anguish; if you hold it another way, you will be spot on with life. Since being alive requires no effort It’s only a gentle reminder that you are life.

In some ways, you’ve realised that not being alive is so straightforward and uncomplicated. When the moment of death arrives, you realise you’re pretending to be someone else because you couldn’t die otherwise, and that will become a point of inflection. So we want you to be aware, which is why They keep reminding you.

You will die one day; I am not wanting it for you; it will happen without my assistance. I’m convinced that I don’t need to wish for you to die because the constant reminder of death is just that to make you realise that your life can’t carry on like the rock. You can’t move about like a mechanical creature that can walk and talk. You must do everything possible, but the most important thing is to remain alive. It doesn’t matter if I can do what someone else can do.

It makes no difference whether you are living or not. If You can do things that equal someone else, if I can be as successful as someone else, if I can have what someone else or nobody else has, that is sufficient for most people. So, in many respects, they have intuitively realised the solution to life, which is not to be like that. That was never a solution, but rather an illusion, because whatever you do, even if you die, demonstrates your life. If you don’t prove that you’re alive when you die, you at least prove that you were alive.

Enlightenment of Life

You cannot escape this, not with tricks of life nor with death. Is it an illusion? It is not a trap; it is a wonderful possibility. The soil you walk on is aspiring to become life; if there was no aspiration, it would not stand up as a tree. there is that which is not life aspiring to become life; otherwise, nothing would happen in the universe; everything is aspiring to become life and reach the pinnacle of life; this is referred to as the evolutionary process.

Everything that isn’t life aspires to be life. Everything in life strives to be a better version of itself. This is not a doctrine, not a text, and it is not someone’s ideology. This is how life is; it is always this goal. The only way to remain silent is to pretend not to be alive or to become enlightened. Both of these things will accomplish the same purpose, but in quite different ways.

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