Prateek AR – The Astonishing Percussionist in Udaipur & Magnificent Drummer

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Prateek AR

Prateek AR is an Indian Drummer, Percussionist,& Rhythm Arranger.

Born & Raised in Rishabhdev, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India; a highly motivated Rhythmist who loves to arrange Rhythm, and illustrate the Art of Music that soothes the listeners. He started drumming since his school days, and continued persuing his passion in Drumming and Percussions, in college.

Later, Prateek became a professional Rhythmist, and began working for bands, Production houses, TV channels, Reality Shows, Event Management Companies.  His journey as a Rhytmist has spanned more than a decade now, and is now well experienced veteran in Music Industry. He also went on Musical tour for Hotel Industries, around the Globe.

Prateek earned an appreciation note for Drumming and Percussions from Guru Sivamani, a well-known Indian Percussionist in the country and all over the world.

Prateek learnt and gained skill sets in Drums and Percussions from Mr. Anup Ramesh Shankar, an established name in the Bollywood music industry who has worked in the profession for more than three decades.

How did Prateek discover about his belief in Drums?

Prateek is a passionate admirer and follower of the Great AR Rahman and Sivamani Sir, which motivates him to start his journey into the Rhythm. Since his school days, he has been learning and playing Indian percussions such as Tabla, Dholak, folk instruments, and Octapad, as well as Western instruments such as Drums and Octapad.

Percussion Instruments that Prateek adore performing for?

Prateek is enthusiastic about performing Latin Percussions, Arabic Percussions, African Percussions, DJ Percussions, Liquid Drumming, and other percussions. He has a strong desire to immerse himself in every instrument accessible throughout the world.

Prateek is presently working as a Freelance Rhythmist (Drums & Percussions) in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Prateek predominantly works with event management companies, hotel industries, musical bands, DJs, and music studios. Prateek is constantly on the lookout for new and fascinating projects to work on and collaborate with. Whether it is for a DJ, a musical event, a musical band, or a collaboration, there are many intriguing projects to look for.

For Collaboration,
Kindly connect with Prateek – Prateek__AR

Prateek AR – The Percussionist in Udaipur

Prateek AR – The Drummer in Udaipur

!!Rhythm is God & Creation !!

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