Mumbai Dabbawala Case Study : Epitome of Brilliant Management & Logistic System

Mumbai Dabbawala Case Study, Explore the oldest Logistic chain of Mumbai Tiffin delivery man. One of the best services ever in the globe.

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Study of Mumbai Dabbawala in Mumbai, the excellent Epitome of Brilliant Management & Logistic System ever in the Globe. There is a lot to learn, you must have the passion to follow them, how they’re working in Mumbai. Basically, many people believe that Mumbai dabbawalas are caterers.

Mumbai Dabbawala Case Study

Mumbai Dabbawala Case Study: Mumbai dabbawalas are not caterers. Lunchbox is yours, and food contained in the Lunchbox is also yours. What they are doing in Mumbai, they are delivering your Lunchbox from your home to your workplace before lunchtime. And lunch is over, They will deliver empty Lunchbox in the evening at home on the same day. Which means Mumbai Dabbawalas are doing two deliveries in a day.

In Mumbai, you cannot carry your Lunchbox yourself. Reason Being is, You begin your day very early in the morning. Even you want to reach home at 9 o’clock. You may start 6 o’clock. You would not prefer your mother or wife should cook at 5 o’clock, such early in the Morning. So you cannot carry Lunchbox with yourself. Also, We cannot carry Lunchbox in Crowded local train. In Mumbai, it’s very difficult to board a local train with an empty hand. Taking Lunchbox is out of the question for you; you cannot carry yourself. So you need Dabbawala in Mumbai to carry your Lunchbox.

Mumbai dabbawala’s believe that home-cooked food is the most hygienic food. It has love and affection of your mother and wife, they want you should eat home-cooked food. This is Mumbai Dabbawalas. These people believe in God Ganesha, Nareshwara. They are Varkari Sampradaya people.

This business started before 1890. Mumbai Dabbawala have been delivering food for more than a century now since 1890. In 1890, there was one dabbawala, one customer. As for today, there are having 5,000 dabbawalas and 200,000 customers. It means one dabbawala can carry 40 Lunchboxes. That’s really the highest weight they could carry; they can hold 60-65 kg.

All Mumbai Dabbawalas are average eighth-grade schooling, and almost 50% are illiterate. They couldn’t read or write, but suppose they want to deliver Lunchbox in SSN College, being illiterate, they know this is SSN, because tiffin should be delivered in SSN. That’s the Literacy of work, traveling 60 kilometers, 70 kilometers, eight to nine hours, they believe ownership of eight to nine hours, but morning three hours are overtime. There Ideology is Customer should deliver Lunchbox in time.

In 120 years, not a single time it ever happened that, our lunchtime have started, and Mumbai dabbawala didn’t arrived yet. They will never make an excuse about anything, If trains are late in Mumbai, because trains are running every day in Mumbai, They will never be late. It’s there commitment, there passion, the management, there structure which makes the Mumbai Dabbawala a giant of the Workmanship. They don’t know what Structure exactly is.

In every group, the highest aged member is the group leader. He controls the whole activities of the group, of the members. The group leader doesn’t even get higher revenue via a single rupee. But he controls the whole activities. He gets an opportunity to become the group leader.There is no single error being noticed ever, out of millions of transactions. This one error disclosed by qualified people. Mumbai Dabbawala says we don’t have any error because an error is a horror for them.

They’ve earned six sigma certification. They’ve received Six Sigma phuket and without application. That too, without technology, because their technology is their brain. Everything is in the mind. There are more than 50 customers’ name, number, address, everything is in their mind. They charge Per month like 350 rupees. If we calculate per day, it comes to 11-12 rupees. In Place like Mumbai, A courier man charges for a small delivery, 15 rupees. Mumbai dabbawala do two deliveries and charging 11-12 rupees. Because They Believe The Customers should have economically feasible. If we increase the charge, customer will discontinue our services. Because customer should sustain, we charge less. And they earn about 5,000-6,000 per month, on an average.

If you work in Mumbai for 10 months, Mumbai dabbawala will take charges for 10 months only, not for 12 months. Because they believe they served you for 10 months, not for 12 months. The customer is God for Mumbai Dabbawala. And for them, Work is worship.Mumbai Dabbawal will never discontinue the service on late payment because If they discontinue, then their customer will remain without food. And that’s the reason in 120 years, no strike record in the history.

Mumbai dabbawala don’t have legal department at all because they don’t require. What Exactly It was work satisfaction because of work culture. Knowingly or unknowingly, for Mumbai Dabbawala’s customer is a god, but provided you should do passionately. Provided you do it attitude approach and discipline. They don’t do alcohol, or smoke during working hours. Cap is compulsory. ID card is compulsory. No leaving without prior notice in business, otherwise 1,000 rupees fine.

Working of Mumbai Dabbawala

The Mumbai Dabbawalasare a close-knit group of 5,000 people of stamina, values, and ethics. They are engaged in the business of collecting tiffin boxes filled with homemade food from different houses and distributing them at the work places of the earning members of these families in the pre-noon. They move 200,000 such lunches to 200,000 people working in different organizations. Every Mumbai Dabbawala believes he is the soldier of Shivaji Maharaj. They’re strong, and they can work, can work to feed peoples, and work for the Values. There is no retirement age.

As on today, one man is up to 79-year old and working in the organization. Believe me, friends, in Mumbai Dabbawala Association many dabbawalas are working for last 40-50 years. Mumbai Dabbawala have zero attrition rate, not a single dabbawala left in last 120 years in the organization. It’s hard to imagine, but that’s True.

This is a day-long timeline of how we operate. Coding system: In the beginning, we have the color thread, then tags, then paint, then alphabet, and this is today’s coding system. Coding System refers as an Example Like, ‘VLP’ is the Vile Parle, the residential area of the customer. ‘E’ The Alphabet is the dabbawala who will collect Lunchbox from Vile Parle, ‘3’ number stands for working area. ‘E’ dabbawala who will collect from your residence and your work place working area is Nariman Point.

‘E’ dabbawala will collect from Vile Parle. This tiffin would then travel from Vile Parle to Nariman Point, as well as at least 6 times this tiffin will be mixed by six groups of individuals. But it will never mix or gets changed. It will reach Nariman Point without any mix-up. At Nariman Point, Mr. ‘9’ will pick up the tiffin. He will deliver at Express Tower at the 12th floor. No address, no name, but deliveries are perfect every day. Coding has been done on top of the tiffin.

One tiffin box transforms its hands in travel at least six times until it reaches the customer’s desk. The same would be true of his return journey as a blank tiffin. Tiffins for places with good volume are shipped together on carts. Some of the Tiffins will be on bicycles. But all of them are considered taking by hand. There are some times when Mumbai Dabbawala lost business.

Prince Charles Visit to Mumbai Dabbawala

Prince Charles came to Mumbai – only three Indians invited, but when Prince Charles came to India. He expresses his desire to meet and visit Mumbai Dabbawalas. Mumbai Dabbawalas as being with their workmanship and Pure Honesty, they have given two conditions for meeting Prince Charles. First condition: Prince Charles should come 11:20 to 11:40 because dabbawala is free those time. That’s why he should come that time. Second: Mumbai Dabbawala will not go to Prince Charles. Prince Charles should come to them at Church Gate footpath.

Asked about these Condition, They have a Clear Answer which was; “Prince Charles is a great king. But our two lakh customers are greater king. We cannot disturb the customer of dabbawalas for him.

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