Marketing Concept – Importance of Marketing Management & Orientation

The marketing concept is essentially a marketing philosophical thought, and it is the main philosophy behind marketing today, so what does this philosophy imply?

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Marketing Concept

The marketing concept is essentially a marketing philosophical thought, and it is the main philosophy behind marketing today, so what does this philosophy imply? What does it mean to have a market orientation as a corporation, according to the marketing concept? A market orientation means that everything we do as a firm, whether it’s in the marketing department, the manufacturing group, or our finance department, should be aimed towards achieving consumer happiness.

Therefore everything we undertake, everything we perform is focused towards achieving client happiness. So, what exactly do we mean when we say “satisfaction”? As you can see, satisfaction is the difference between the actual value that we create and deliver and the expectations of the customer or the market, so think about it for a second: if you go out and buy a cheap hamburger, your expectations are probably not that high, but if the value is decent to okay, you’ll be satisfied.

On the other hand, if you go out and buy a costly product, such as a boutique hamburger for $8 or $9. You’re going to have quite high expectations for anything you get, therefore the value you get best be pretty satisfactory or you won’t be satisfied. So that’s how satisfaction works; we need to provide more value than is expected, and as long as we surpass those expectations, our consumers will be delighted.

So the next question is about value. So, what exactly do we mean by “value”? That’s quite straightforward, as long as we deliver more than we price. In other words, if we provide more benefit than the cost of our product or service, we will generate value. As long as we provide more value than expected, we will create satisfaction, and as long as we do so, we will have a market orientation and will adhere to the marketing concept.

Holistic Marketing

The term ‘holistic’ refers to the fact that we will consider everything. Even now, there are many businesses that are built on old concept concepts. Some businesses are founded on marketing concepts. Many businesses follow Apple’s strategy because they have a unique selling point. As a result, they will sell their goods based on their competitive edge. This is Apple’s tactic; insurance firms are still attempting to sell their services. So all of these old ideas are still alive and thriving.Today, all of these concepts are merged into what is known as holistic marketing.

Holistic marketing is comprised of four components:

Relationship marketing

You’ve probably noticed that when you go out to eat, they ask for your date of birth and anniversary. You must have given a necklace to your mother or spouse, and they inquired about the occasion and took all of your information. They now know when you’ll celebrate your birthday and will automatically send you an email with words like ‘Congratulations, happy anniversary or happy birthday’. If you have celebrated your birthday in BBQ Nation, they will notify you that ‘your anniversary is approaching and you have 5 days to surprise them. Book a table and receive a 10% discount’. All of this is part of relationship marketing.

Integrated Marketing

We must have learned about holistic marketing and integrated marketing for our marketing communication. Where we use all the platforms, how can I engage with my audience if I want to launch my phone on December 16th? I’m capable of doing so on Twitter, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. All of my stores have banners, hoardings, and buses. I can utilise any media, I’ve used all channels, and I’ve done the same marketing communication that my phone is on its way, this is the feature, this is the date.

Normally, people make mistakes, such as when there is a new campaign in the newspaper or on Facebook. Because Facebook did not exist at the time, holistic marketing was used. You will do marketing communication in the same manner wherever you go.

Internal Marketing

A business communicates with its own personnel. This is an example of internal marketing. Here comes the question of how the company’s culture is. How is the company’s connection with its employees? Internal marketing considers whether or not employees use the company’s product and how satisfied they are with it.

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is what you know if you’ve succeeded or not. The difficulty in coming up with big, bold newsworthy ideas is that you don’t always know what success looks like. And, despite the fact that you have made something very original and interesting, you release it into the world if there is no clear way to track it. In a world of vanity, numbers, and Impressions, how do you know whether it was a success?

It is extremely difficult for brands to determine what is pushing the thread forward and causing success. We’ve discovered that effective Performance Marketing campaigns aren’t always the result of a single piece of ingenuity; yeah, there’s a last click attribution that static Banner ad that you may click on and then make a purchase. That is effective, but it is usually a combination of several methods that leads to the best conversion.

Marketing Management

Marketing management is the process of developing, executing, and analysing an organization’s marketing strategy. This comprises the marketing strategy, initiatives, and methods used to generate and meet demand from target customers in order to increase profitability.

Market research is required to understand the marketplace and establish what requirements are not being satisfied, as well as how to capitalise on opportunities that are currently not being supplied. Competitive research, crucial demographics, price, and the best promotions for recruiting clients are all part of market research.

Managing the assets, operations, expenses, and deadlines required to properly execute a marketing campaign might be difficult, but marketing management makes it feasible. The marketing management process is used to streamline a marketer’s job and assist them in reaching their market segment in order to respond promptly and effectively to the demands of their intended consumers.

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