Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden death – The beginning of the Extreme Revolution in the Indian Film Industry

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden death – The beginning of the Extreme Revolution in the Indian Film Industry

Sushant Singh Rajput, The Actor known for his Amazing Acting and Looks, the smile that reflects hope and inspiration of many youngsters. The Actor with some memorable performances and Movies in his in the career of 7 years in bollywood including movies like ‘Mahendra Singh Dhoni’, ‘Kai Po Che’, ‘Kedarnath’, ‘Chhichhore’, etc.

There was a famous dialogue from his movie ‘Chhichhore’,
“Zindagi mein Agar sabse zyada kuch important hai… To woh hai Khud Zindagi”

Means, “In Life, if there is something which is really very Important is… and thats your Life”.
He quoted this in his last film, eliminating his own life while fighting depression.

Since the news of Actor’s tragic death shook the entire world and his fans, the entire Bollywood have already begun to mourn over his death. Many Bollywood Actors & Producers as well as directors have expressed their grief at the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Since then, many double standards and Bollywood Hypocrisy have been noticed by fans & Netizens. There have been few actors and big names in the industry who have never respected or even recognized Sushant before, showing that their sudden love for him is the nastiest that anyone can do, is nothing more than disrespect for death.

Many Divisive Theories & Facts already started to bloom since the sudden death of the Star. One theory suggests that Sushant has been banned by many Bollywood biggies, including ‘YRF,’ ‘Dharma Production,’ ‘Nadiadwala,’ ‘Sanjay Leela Bhansali,’ ‘Balaji,’ ‘Salman Khan Films,’ which showcases after being banned from such large production houses and Powerful Peoples, only has the opportunity to work in web series and TV series.

There have been strong rumors that Sushant has been tormented by Karan Johar’s Dharma Production & YRF Production House for the last two years. One More Theory suggests that Sushant was approached by ‘YRF,’ but Sushant refused the offer and signed the Shekhar Kapoor’s directorial, ‘Paani,’ which is based on the Scarcity of Water. Bollywood rarely, or hardly ever, makes these films focused on social themes. That’s why they didn’t find a big banner to Produce Film, which lets director Shekhar Kapoor take this film to the International Platform, overseas. But later YRF confirms the production of Paani, but later YRF pulled out from this film and shekhar Kapoor, the director of the film, went back with his project. The movie was scheduled to be released in 2020, but nothing works. Shekhar Kapoor also wrote on twitter about the pain Sushant was going through, after knowing about death of Actor.

There was also a rumor about his spat with Sooraj Pancholi in the party, which prompted Salman Khan to step in between, and he roars at Sushant singh rajput to stay away from Sooraj. But later, it was also called to be a baseless rumor. Even in those days, Salman also stated, ‘Who is Sushant Singh Rajput? ‘ with reporter Asking about producing a movie starring Sushant Singh Rajput.

The Clip from Koffee with Karan also got Viral, where Karan Johar asked Alia & Sonam about Sushant Singh Rajput, where they both responded by not recognizing Sushant Singh Rajput. This might have been obtained as a joke or some humorous poll, since that’s the time when Sushant was a newbie, but it marked his position in the industry and also started to give tough competitions to other young actors. This also reflects the fact that Bollywood never really respects outsiders, that nepotism is definitely a potential threat.

Nothing is proven, but After the Sudden Death of Sushant Singh Rajput; One thing sure that Bollywood town is full of Politics, Egos & Nepotism, which has literally engulfed the lives of young & Bright Actor, who is an outsider; The Potential Threats for Star Kids.

Sushant ‘s death also challenged the existence of many other actors who are strangers who face these challenges of Politics & Egos in their Profession. There have been several actors whose careers have vanished after some nasty spat with some major production houses & stars, resulting in actors in extreme depression and finding themselves embracing death as the only choice left for them. This traumatic tragedy is the beginning of the Extreme Revolution for the Working of the Indian Film Industry. The film industry has now been ruined by the gruesome Gatekeepers of Industry, and now it needs to be repaired to make it fairer.

We can’t just let the death of ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’ pass away in vain, but it’s the spark that’s writing the Bollywood Industry’s Revolution story. That’s the time when Audience must consider and appreciate the real talent of the industry, instead of spending money to watch someone who is not worthy. There have been many examples where talented actors like Sushant Singh Rajput have really failed by us, where we never appreciated or even thought of watching the movies of some really talented actors and are far more deserving than many mainstream celebrities.

Surprisingly, Audience knows everything, but there is a sudden ignorance that motivates the politics of the B-town that is becoming the reason for the suffering with outsiders, the mental illness that results in their lives being destroyed.

Sushant Singh Rajput cropped Sushant Singh Rajput

It is also the fact that, Naming & Slamming a few peoples is not valuable, nor will it be respected. Everyone is the victim of the system, it is our duty, it is the obligation of the people and create reforms within the system, within the industry.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden death – The beginning of the Extreme Revolution in the Indian Film Industry

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