Movie Review: Khuda Haafiz [*/5]

Khuda Haafiz – The Romantic Thriller with Vidyut Jammwal Playing a Common Man, whose wife gone Missing in Foriegn Land.
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Khuda Haafiz Review

Khuda Haafiz – The Romantic Thriller with Vidyut Jammwal Playing a Common Man, whose wife gone Missing in Foriegn Land. Directed Faruk-Kabir. This Movie Promises to be an Out and Out Action Movie with some drama and some emotions.


KHUDA HAAFIZ is a story about an ordinary man whose wife goes missing in a foreign land under suspicious circumstances. A software engineer, Lucknow-based Sameer (Vidyut Jammwal), gets into an arranged marriage with Nargis (Shivaleeka Oberoi) in October 2007. In no time, both fall in love with each other. Everything goes well until the world is struck by a recession. Sameer ‘s got to shut his business down. Nargis even got fired from her workplace. They hunt for jobs, but three months pass by and they are unable to get jobs. With no other choice, through an agent named Nadeem (Vipin Sharma), they apply for a job in the Middle-Eastern country of Noman. Nargis gets the job first and the very next day she is asked to leave for Noman. Sameer is apprehensive, but Nadeem makes sure she ‘s safe. He also informs Sameer that within 5-6 days, the latter’s job confirmation notice should also come and then he can unite with his wife. Though, Nargis flies to Noman alone. She calls Sameer the next day, and she looks in pain. She’s weeping, and now she’s telling him this was not the job she’s committed for. The phone call ends before she can mention anything more. A surprised Sameer lands with the cops at Nadeem ‘s office. Nadeem pretends to be stupidity. Sameer flies directly to Noman’s capital city, Noor Us Saba, where Nargis apparently got the work. Outside the airport, Sameer meets the kind-hearted taxi driver Usman Ali Murad (Annu Kapoor) and tells him to take him to Nargis’ office address. Usman informs him that the address is wrong. The cops at Noor Us Saba refuse to help him until the Indian Embassy approves him. At the embassy, he’s not getting any timely support as the top official I K Mishra (Ikhlaque Khan) is gone. Sameer now has just one clue – the phone number from where he received Nargis’ call. The mobile operator tries to locate the name and identity of the recipient who owns the number. It turned out to be that of a guy named Parvez Shirazi who lives in the city named Baith Us Saif, 300 kilometers away. Sameer arrives there instantly. It was also the hometown of Usman, and he’s supporting him in the search. They know that Parvez is interested in the traffic in flesh. The world of Sameer came crashing down. However, he goes to the brothel, impersonating as a customer, and eventually finds Nargis. The pimp (Gowhar Khan) realizes, however, that Sameer knows her and hits her. Sameer hits back, but he struggles to save Nargis. He and Usman are running away and pursued by the clowns. They nearly manage to get away, but then they find a small crash. Cops land and detain Sameer. What happens next is the rest of the film.

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On Performance Wise, Vidyut Jammwal is playing a common guy here and doing his share of the action. Performance-wise, he ‘s good and shines in some dramatic scenes. Unfortunately, he ‘s going a touch off the top in a lot of places. Shivaleeka Oberoi doesn’t have a lot of opportunity, but she’s fine and has a strong screen presence.

Annu Kapoor in Khuda Haafiz is outstanding and very affectionate. Annu Kapoor was last seen in Ayushmann Khurrana Starrer ‘Dream Girl’. He always gives an Exceptional Performance, this time he is portraying one very different Character that he used to Play. In spite of his late entry, Shiv Panditt leaves a mark with his performance and accent. Same ‘s going to Aahana Kumara. Ahana Kumra, who is already a very Popular face in OTT Platform, is looking beautiful and has portrayed the very Powerful Role in this Movie.

Ikhlaque Khan is now passable. Nawab Shah plays a very villainous role. As always, Vipin Sharma is trustworthy. Gowhar Khan, Shahnawaz Pradhan (Sameer ‘s father), Gargi Patel (Sameer ‘s mother), Mohit Chauhan (Nargis ‘s father), Suparna Marwah (Nargis ‘s mother), Rio Kapadia (ISA Commissioner Ali Azam Ghazi), Tamara Mirmahsudova (Usman ‘s wife) and Kinal Muchhala (Sonia Singh; Indian embassy worker) are all good.


Faruk Kabir ‘s direction is pretty decent. In the plus note, the movie is fast-paced. There have been some fantastic thrilling scenes of action that create excitement. Also, the director deserves kudos for not making the film look shady owing to the fact that it interacts with prostitution and sex trafficking. Often, there’s no item music added to the heck of it. In the other hand, the film has a share of cinematic freedoms. The way Sameer manages to run from the brothel and also from the airport lifts his eyebrows. Sameer’s last battle should have been best conceived of. Finally, Sameer and Nargis’ courtship period has been seen to be too fast, and maybe a little more time should have been taken to explore their relationship for a better effect.

Overall, ‘Khuda Haafiz’ is a decent Romantic-Thriller Movie, with some enthralling & Death Defying Action Sequences, Obviously When It is ‘Vidyut Jammwal’ Starrer. Other Cast has also done fine job, while ‘Annu Kapoor’ is Excellent.

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