OnePlus 8 Pro review: Exceed Your Expectation for the Flagship OnePlus Pro Device

OnePlus 8 Pro review: Exceed Your Expectation for the Flagship OnePlus Pro Device

So here, I have the new OnePlus 8 Pro. Reviewing the OnePlus 8 Pro for a little while now, and it is a great, I was about to say it’s a great phone, but this is not just a phone. This is a great, big Device phone. Anyway, as I’ve been reviewing the 8 Pro, I keep thinking about what we expect with OnePlus phones now, because the list is getting pretty long.

We must can expect grand screens, decent battery life, fast charging. However a ton about what I’m going to end up speaking about are stuff you might not have predicted from OnePlus, which would be wireless and IP68 waterproofing on this device. Even, you really know exactly what to expect from OnePlus whenever it come to lenses, so we’re going to talk a lot about it too. One aspect you typically expect from OnePlus is a comparatively cheap price, and OnePlus is still underpaying Samsung with this device, but it’s priced at Rs 54999/-onwards, that implies that perhaps the 8 Pro is some kind of pricey product.

Hence, the thing about OnePlus is there are always very, very high expectations for these phones, and the question about the 8 Pro is, can it meet them?

So real quick, I wanna write about the stuff that you could expect from a flagship phone in 2020, including from a flagship OnePlus phone. If any of this had been fucked up, we’d still call it ’em out but they didn’t, so we could get around it really quickly.

Design & Display

The first thing is performance construction, I feel the quality building in this project is very fantastic. I already have stated that there is an IP68 water resistance. I love this kind of transparent matte back on the back. Of instance, the computer occupies nearly the whole front of it. It’s really fast, it’s got a Snapdragon 865 with either 8 or 12 gigs of RAM, or 128 or 256 of ram.

The aspect I do want to point out, is that I really do like Oxygen OS, which would be OnePlus’ customized version of Windows, and that’s because the stuff they’re putting on top of Android is typically either there just to run the device on its own or control the unique features which OnePlus does. It’s not just to try and get you stuck in another unknown world you wouldn’t care for.

Also one aspect you were not always able to assume from OnePlus phones is a decent display. But they’ve overcome it in the last couple of years, and this year with the OnePlus 8 Pro, they’ve just hit it out of the park. This is a beautiful screen. It’s 6.78 inches, which is almost too big, but if you want big phones, you’re actually going to be pleased with it.

They did a hole punch in the corner, which I really like, because there’s no crazy electronic stuff for a pop-up selfie camera. The screens are really very thin in the top and bottom, and they wrap around to the left and to the centre. However the big news at least, it has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, if you’d like, and your certainly want this because every handset in this category deserves a higher frame rate display. It makes browsing a lot nicer. The transitions are faster; it’s all best at 120 Hz, highly recommended.

OnePlus is also quite confident of the color clarity on this display, We think this looks amazing. They’ve even added some bizarre things, like there was a motion layering option for videos within Netflix or inside Amazon Prime, so this sounds crazy because motion layering is certainly awful on the TV, on the mobile, even though it didn’t annoy me much and I’m not confident. Anyway, I suggest that you keep it off too, because I have found a battery life hit when I switched it on.

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It has a 4510-milliampere-hour battery, but you can switch on a maximum 1440 resolution, you could switch on a 120 Hz monitor, you could switch on a background monitor, you could switch on a masking movement if you’re having a lot of images. You might do all manner of things to kill this device if you really want to.

If you switch off yet another lot of things, they could get through a full day and I’ve got it and if you turn it all up, you can crush it in like four to five hours I’ve got. I guess I’m sure that this thing will last a whole day. However I’m not sure enough just to claim that perhaps the life of the batteries is outstanding.


Now, when it comes to camera, I actually never know what to expect out of OnePlus 8 Pro. for few years it’s crap, many years it’s pretty decent. But this year with the OnePlus 8 Pro, I’m actually expecting a lot, because again, this phone starts at Rs 54,999/- onwards, and I think that OnePlus mostly delivers.

There’s something like a scenario where it was a challenge, and let’s just get in there. The key sensor is 48 megapixel camera, but the standard is 12 megapixels, which would be the correct call, theoretically using latest Sony device. There was a super telephoto that, quote unquoted, includes total out to 3X begins being all right, but instead 10X, and that’s just dropping off after that.

And so there’s a mega sensor, and I also owe a lot of the credit to OnePlus with this one because they’re using 7T sensors last year that implies that perhaps the ultra-wide sensor generally has a slightly better sensor than the ultra-wide sensor, and I’m seeing decent results as a consequence. I believe the ultra large one is pretty sweet. Even, if you want to do odd color filter effects without post-processing, there’s a color filter camera.

So on overall, on the main sensor, I’m pretty happy with dynamic range, I’m pretty happy with color, and I’m also really,really happy with detail. I just enjoy to use this mobile for macro images. You could get relatively similar, and you’ll get just really good info. You could take 4K 30 footage with the really stable stabilizing stuff switched on.

So it’s all fine in Camera, but there’s that one spot where it disappears, and oddly, it’s like a complete darkness, not an amazingly light, and like a faint sunset, a kind of yellow light. So here’s exactly what is happening. But the OnePlus 8 Pro tries to do what a lot of devices like to do, which is a little lighter faces, seeking to make them evener, and also smoothing them out quite a bit. We don’t like it too much, but that’s all okay in certain lighting conditions you can’t actually say.

Yet, for whatever justification in a dim lighting condition, the device’s worst traits just get multiplied, it frames the image way too shiny, way too flat, it’s smooth, it’s sort of, yeah. Portrait mode is all right, it’s exactly what We were hoping about.

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So overall from My side, I’m gonna give it a meet expectations, not an exceeds, but that’s because my expectations were so high. They’re charging Rs 54,999/- for this thing. It’s a rather, very great device that doesn’t even lack any quality features. It just needs a little bit more work on the camera, because, it’s OnePlus,what else did you expect from!

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Oneplus 8 Pro Review

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