Best Movies on Amazon Prime

Best Movies on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the Platform with Amazing Content of Movies and Web-Shows. If you do have Amazon Prime, you will have an access to a wealth of cinematic masterpieces without any additional cost.

Amazon prime Best Movies on Amazon Prime

Best Movies on Amazon Prime; Amazon Prime is the Platform with Amazing Content of Movies and Web-Shows. If you have Amazon Prime, then you have access to a wealth of great movies at no extra charge. But searching the catalog can be a slog. Whether you need a comedy, thriller, or an award-winning drama, these are our faves from the current Prime library. Here We are going to Recommend you some of the Best Movies on Amazon Prime, that you can watch anytime without getting bored and can have an amazing time.

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The Big Sick

The real-life relationship between Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon is the basis for The Big Sick, a charming romantic comedy. It’s an honest, hilarious reminder that our differences are the best things about us. It’s an Amazon original movie and one of2017’s best films.


Hereditary is atmospheric as hell, features outstanding acting, and is full of terrifying imagery. The film centers on a family dealing with the loss of their grandmother and disturbing visions of more tragedy. Hereditary is the kind of horror movie that sticks with you long after you’re done watching it.

Eighth Grade

Watching Eighth Grade is almost guaranteed to trigger traumatic middle school flashbacks, which is a testament to the film’s authenticity. Critics applauded writer-director Bo Burnham for catching the hearts of a 13-year-old girl, and understandably so. But the key to the movie’s success is recognizing that awkwardness does not end when you move on to high school, or as you get older.

Lady Bird

A Charming and Fresh Movie that focuses on Self-Discovery. Lady Bird, a coming-of-age tale set in Sacramento in the early 2000s, was written and directed by Greta Gerwig. The film nails the period details and the universal truths about growing up that everyone can relate to.

The Machinist

The Machinist is where the shape-shifting process of actor Christian Bale tried to function. He famously dropped down to 120 pounds with a diet of water, an apple, and a cup of coffee per day in order to play an insomniac machinist. After an accident on the job, he goes on a quest for answers, and the story only gets more weird, paranoid, and tense.

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Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis plays like one of the title character’s songs: haunting, sorrowful, and ultimately wonderful. Oscar Isaac gives a lived-in performance that rings so true you’ll be disappointed that he doesn’t have a blues side project going. The movie takes place over one week, with Llewyn playing his songs and trying to grab his big break—if he could just get out of his own way long enough to let it happen. There are Many Reasons of Adding this in the list of Best Movies on Amazon Prime is; Its a Movie Experience in its own Sense, The Journey that travels through the Character. If you missed this masterpiece in 2013, it’s time to correct it.

First Reformed

In First Reformed, an Ethan Hawke play a minister whose humanity is put to the test by what he perceives to be growing indifference to global warming. This Movie is surely the most Visionary and Best Movies on Amazon Prime, out of all in the list. Lead Character’s despair, issues from his past, and deteriorating health lead him down a dark and potentially dangerous path. First reformed is an intense drama film, but also a deeply rewarding and Intriguing one.

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